We have been providing unique specialty automotive logistics and on-site services to industry partners and production companies for nearly a decade.


Our fleet is comprised of modern trucks and equipment, powered by clean-diesel and gasoline burning engines. Our team utilizes a cloud based management system that lets us work efficiently and allows us to do our part to help minimize office wastes, such as paper and other unnecessary utilities.


We work heavily with television and movie production companies as well as marketing companies that require and absolute on-time and reliable delivery of vehicles. Our services are available nationwide, and we have a long and reputable history behind us that your team can absolutely count on.


The Digital Age is upon us, and we love it! Our drivers are connected to our cloud-based management system, and that can track loads in real-time so updates can be quickly provided. Client correspondences are often conducted using smart technologies, via email and messaging.


We treat everyone like family as much as we can, and we are staffed by all car-people here. We are very sensitive to the unique concerns many show-car owners and race teams have. We purposely expand our business slowly so that we never lose the connection we build and share with each of our clients.


We try and do our best to stay active in social media and on internet forums! You can easily find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat and Yelp so you can see what's on our trucks. Links to them all are in a few places on this page. Be sure to also check out our featured hashtag (#emergencyhookers).


Our rates are competitive and consistent and is based on actual distances in miles front point-to-point. There are no surcharges for fuel, traffic, and other frustrating variables. No surprises. We offer enclosed and open transport services aboard our trucks, and we can also act as your broker for other vehicle transport needs.


Emergency Hookers Towing Company © "Emergency Hookers Towing" and "You blow it, I'll Tow it" are registered trademarks.

About us

We do NOT provide any type(s) of traditional "Roadside Services". Please understand that completely before you get upset at us for not being able to come to your rescue in such fashion...super late at night, on the side of the road, locked your keys in your car, etc.

Although we appreciate the positive attention our customers and reputation have given us through the years, we are STRICTLY a referral based service that caters to the specialized automotive needs of the aftermarket vehicle industry, television and motion picture industries, vehicle manufacturers, partners and custom/race car builders and tuners.

We also extend our specialized services to race sanctioning bodies, show and event organizers, or party planners that feature vehicles as their decor.

Our real specialty is towing and transporting very special cars such as exotics and modified cars. We normally get scheduled a day ahead of time, but go ahead and reach out to us to see if we can schedule you in between calls or events.

We tow and move cars on a daily basis, so our edge is always sharp!

Business Info

  •   213-308-7777 voice & text
  •  Mailing Address
    1142 S. Diamond Bar Blvd., Suite 134
    Diamond Bar, CA 91765

    Warehouse and Club House
    City of Industry, CA


Here's what we have coming up...
Nitto Tires hosts two of these events a year, and this is the one that takes place at Angel's Stadium in Anaheim, CA. This free event takes place on August 14 and it's guaranteed to impress with demos of their products showcasing their professional drivers from the drifting and off road worlds. Vendor alleys, hundreds of show cars, and sunny SoCal weather is all going to be here! It's family and dog friendly, so bring everyone out! Bring some money for parking if you bring a car. Other options are to ride the train in or get dropped off.


Angel's Stadium
This is a huge huge huge automotive event more commonly known simply as "car week" that literally overtakes the quiet town and surrounding towns of Monterey, CA. Official events starts on August 18 and ends on the 21st, but enthusiasts travel the globe to be there at other events starting as early as the 15th! Make plans for this event, and if you haven't already, be ready to be turned away so they can make way for the people who pay pay and pay.
We will be there this week with Lexus, transporting their coveted GT Concept race car at Laguna Seca.


Laguna Seca Raceway
Speedring, hosted by Motorvicity, HKS and Formula D is holding an event at the AAA Speedway in Fontana, CA on Sunday, August 21 . The event features a time attack and a car show.
We will be transporting their Time Attack HKS R35 GTR, driven by Nob Taneguchi, that came over from Japan for this event.


AAA Speedway


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